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Embracing Idea Management Service in Our Company!

Veröffentlicht am 10.10.2023 von GUNAY MUSAYEVA

Why Idea Management Matters!


In the fast-paced world of modern business, staying ahead requires embracing fresh ideas. Being stuck in old ways poses a risk that no business can afford. This is where Idea Management comes into play, illuminating the path for creativity to flourish within our organization. It serves as our guiding compass in navigating these dynamic waters. Idea Management takes raw concepts and transforms them into practical solutions, ensuring we remain at the forefront of our industry. Let's delve into what Idea Management entails and how contributes to our success.


Our objectives include:


  • Cultivating a culture of innovation and promoting continuous improvement
  • Ensuring that everyone feels heard and valued.
  • Enhancing the customer experience
  • Optimizing remote work, communication, internal collaboration
  • Maximizing resource utilization
  • Exploring training, skills development platforms and new ideas 



Gathering Ideas: Everyone's welcome!


Picture a treasure hunt, where every small discovery holds value. This is the essence of  Idea Management process. We wholeheartedly encourage each team member to contribute their ideas, no matter how nascent they may appear. Whether it's through Idea Queues in virtual platforms or individual brainstorming sessions, or team workshops, we're fostering a hub of diverse ideas.

Here is what the straightforward idea gathering process looks like:

In our digital work management platform, we've established a queue for idea submissions. The idea owner is required to provide only the following information:


• Idea short name

• Description

• Indicate whether it's a new idea or an improvement to an existing process

• Specify if it's relevant to internal, external, or both processes


The status of the submitted idea and further discussions are accessible through the virtual platform.



Individual Brainstorming Sessions and Provocative Questions


Some of the best ideas often emerge during moments of quiet reflection. We ensure there's space for individual brainstorming sessions. Whether it involves jotting down thoughts on a whiteboard or creating mind maps, we provide everyone with their own personal space to let their creativity flow.

We offer support for individuals to unleash their creativity when needed. Here's how we facilitate it:

tisson & company article img


Killer Questions Know No Boundaries! They serve as powerful tools to help individuals pinpoint their pain points. Asking the right questions is crucial in idea management. We pose "killer questions" designed to stimulate creative thinking and assist in refining and evaluating ideas.


The 365 Method: Sustaining the Creative Spark


Creativity isn't a one-time event; it's an ongoing journey. We employ the 365 Method or similar approaches to keep the flames of creativity alive. It's all about team spirit and the motivation to generate ideas. During our team workshops, we gather them on the table, board, or virtual space 😃, mix them up, and witness the magic we can create.


From Idea to Action: Filtering and Implementation with the PPCO Method


Turning an idea from a concept into reality is a step-by-step process. As illustrated in the diagram, we meticulously sift through all the ideas, searching for the gems that align with our goals. Management, service owners, and idea owners analyze the ideas using the PPCO method (Positives, Potentials, Concerns, Overcomes) if necessary. These selected ideas are then ready to be transformed into actionable plans. This is where Idea Management truly demonstrates its strength.


It's the Little Moments that Make a Big Difference!


In our fully remote work environment, we've observed the absence of those cherished moments by the coffee table. Those casual chats with colleagues, especially during hectic days, have been genuinely missed. It's remarkable how a few ideas from our peers have often been the key to solving complex challenges. To bridge this gap, we've introduced some wonderful initiatives.

One of our favorites is the optional virtual "coffee breaks." Here, we gather for relaxed conversations about our families, homes, upcoming vacations, and the little joys that enrich our lives. And let's not forget our "Online Gaming" sessions – an absolute hit! Whether you actively participate or simply enjoy the action as a spectator, it's a fantastic opportunity to unwind and have some fun.


In a Nutshell, Idea Management is More Than a Process; It's Our Way of Life


By embracing diverse perspectives, encouraging both individual and group brainstorming, and guiding ideas through a structured journey, we aren't just adapting to change – we're driving it. Our future shines brightly, characterized by creativity and success, all thanks to an open-minded, innovation-friendly leadership model and our team spirit.