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Success through agility, innovation and data

Innovate Work is our answer to the problems and challenges of a continuously evolving and disruptive world. With our Work Management approaches we create the framework and mindset for an agile organisation with a transparent and purposeful communication and simple processes. With Data Science we facilitate data-driven decisions and insights, allowing you to react fast and proactively to any changes and developments.

Hanseatic. Hands-on. Excellence.

Who are we?

We are a management consulting firm headquartered in Hamburg. From our base on the Elbe, we generate cross-industry business solutions - worldwide! Our mission: To empower individuals and companies to optimize their work and processes, becoming or remaining competitive and future-proof. Our experts identify and solve problems, driven by curiosity. They analyze, develop, implement, and optimize - all with the highest level of agility. Every day, our international team passionately works towards making the business world a bit better and more efficient. Tisson & Company is a certified partner of Adobe Workfront.

Hanseatic. Practical. Excellent.

Why Work Management?

With 20 years of experience in project management, we guarantee reliability and professionalism in projects with time pressure and great pressure to succeed. We accompany your project planning and implementation, monitoring and controlling from start to finish, support individual project steps or act as interim project managers. We manage individual projects and create perspective in multi-project and program management: classic, agile and hybrid. Even with projects in crisis and difficulties - no matter how complex, technically or communicatively demanding.

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Adobe Workfront

Mindset and agile processes are the first step to adapt to a rapidly changing business environment. However, it is imperative that flexible processes, transparent communication and an efficient infrastructure be in place in order to remain competitive. We support you in implementing and aligning your processes and workflows using the most innovative Project Management tools on the market.

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Why Data Science?

Success with data mining and artificial intelligence: enables your company to make knowledge from your own data usable, so that you can then make the best data-driven decisions for your company management. Because working and managing efficiently today not only means being able to react quickly to changes and problems, it also means reading and understanding data correctly and acting accordingly. For this purpose, we develop tailor-made AI solutions for you and show you new ways.

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Innovate Work is more than a theory...

We believe results are worth a thousand words.
See for yourself how Innovate Works.

tisson & company use case

Konzeption und Implementierung von Request Queues für das Innovationsmanagement

Workfront | Request Queues

Wie Sie mit Request Queues Ordnung und Transparenz schaffen

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tisson & company use case

Zeitplanung eines internen Designteams

Workfront | Projekte | Grundauslastung | Anfragen

Ressourcenplanung im Einklang: Grundauslastung, Projekte, Anfragen

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tisson & company use case

Marketingkampagnen in Workfront

Workfront | Projekte | Marketing

Vom Produkt bis zur Website

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tisson & company use case

Motivation durch (virtuelle) Selbststeuerung

Work Management | Selbststeuernde Teams

Wie organisatorische Maßnahmen die Performance beim Kunden verbesserte.

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tisson & company use case

Innovation durch Agilität

Work Management | Agilität

Mit kundenorientierter und agiler Organisation zu besserer Wettbewerbsfähigkeit

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tisson & company use case

Kundenorientierte Service-Organisation im HR-Bereich

Work Management | Agile Organisation

Wie wir eine horizontale und kundenorientierte Service-Organisation einführten

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Recent contributions

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Medizin: LLMs bringen Entlastung und steigern die Produktivität

KI in der Medizin | Produktivitätssteigerung | Effizienz

KI schafft Entlastung im Gesundheitswesen.


Laut einer viel zitierten Studie von PWC aus dem Jahr 2022 steuert Deutschland auf einen derart …

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KI für mehr Umsatz: Intelligentes Cross Selling

KI | Vertrieb | Cross Selling

Cross-Selling-Potenziale mit KI zu identifizieren, ist eine spannende Möglichkeit, um Umsätze zu steigern. Die KI kann hier mehrfach helfen, kommt …

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Devi on "workation" (workcation) in Bali

Employer | Worklife Balance | Workation

Being born and raised in Indonesia, and now working in Germany, makes it challenging for me to visit family and …

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Deutschsprachige Open Source LLMs als Alternative zu ChatGPT und Co.

ChatGPT | LLMs | OpenSource

Open Source LLMs (Large Language Models) beherrschen zunehmend deutsch — ein Meilenstein, welcher den Einsatz von generativen KI-Systemen auf Basis …

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tisson & company article img

LLMs: die größten Datensammler unserer Zeit!

Datenschutz | Datensicherheit | LLMs | Open-/Closed-Source

LLMs: die größten Datensammler unserer Zeit!


KI & Datenschutz: kann das funktionieren?


Der Schutz der eigenen Daten ist …

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tisson & company article img

Heinz-Peter und sein Rasenmäher und wie KI bald seinen Projektmanagementalltag bestimmt!

Projektmanagement | Künstliche Intelligenz | PM-Tools und KI

Effizienzsteigerung und bessere Projektergebnisse: super Ziel eines jeden guten Projektmanagers. Bei herausfordernden oder schwierigen Projekten aber manchmal gar nicht so …

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