Data Science
consulting and
project development

Obtaining data-driven solutions and decisions with Data Mining and
Artificial Intelligence.

Why Data Science?

Agile working does not only facilitate quick reactions to changes. It also makes it possible to understand and anticipate changes, causes and problems. Data Science enables companies to draw a profit from their data, to make data-driven decisions or to solve problems.

You can count on our help for this.

Data Governance &
Master Data Management

In the context of BIG DATA databases often have been growing in an unstructured way. Missing values, anomalies, dependences, different name conventions or spread data sources make a standardised evaluation and utilisation of existing databases difficult or can impede the implementation of new applications.

We help you to “bring light into the darkness” by ensuring a uniform and reliable data quality.

Data Mining

Data Mining comprises the extraction and visualisation of relevant patterns, knowledge and coherences in either a structured or unstructured data size. Furthermore, it allows to gain insights and draw conclusions which go beyond the possibilities of generic BI or Analytics solutions.

Take advantage of our expertise in the field of Data Mining in order to obtain answers to your operative problems or to unlock the potential of your data.

ML- and AI- development

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are on everyone´s lips. They are not only perfectly suitable for Chat-Bots, text translation or image recognition. It does not matter whether you are interested in an order size prediction, the optimisation of storage space or the automated classification of IT attacks in real-time-streams – with the help of machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence we develop sophisticated predictive models or customised recommender systems and solve complex optimisation problems.

Customised and on the basis of YOUR data and use cases.

Data-driven services &
strategy consulting

Data is a demanded investment. Not only are they essential for internal analyses and decisions but they also constitute the currency in an evolving economic branch – the so called Data Economy. Whether film recommendations on streaming service sites, product recommendations on big online sales platforms or customised information supplies from social media vendors – they are all determined by algorithms created on the basis of data and therefore are examples for data-driven services and independent business models.

We support you with the planning, conceptualisation and development of your own data-driven services, business models or strategies for drawing the maximal profit from your data.

62,0 %
of retailers
gained a competitive advantage through data analytics.
Top 5 Data Science Facts in 2021

0.5 %
of all generated
data is analyzed
and used.
Facts About Data Science Analytics

51 %
inform themselves on the internet
before making a purchase.
Think with Google, 2019

Our data science services

With these services we pave the way for a data-driven organisation:

Rent a data scientist

You do not have your own analytics department or are temporarily in need of additional competences in the field of data science? Order in data science and AI competence flexibly – it does not matter whether on an hourly basis or task or project based.


  • support with data evaluation, preparation and exploration
  • support with all tasks involving data mining
  • support with the planning, selection and evaluation of ML and AI models
  • support with the localisation and correction of anomalies and bottlenecks
  • development and implementation of sub-tasks (in ongoing projects) or realisation of complete use cases – starting with data editing and ending with data-driven services
  • development of proof of concepts (POC) and prototypes

Data Governance and Master Data Management

We create the basis for a scalable and uniform database which is fit for the future with the help of these services:

Status analysis of the data quality

  • analysis and documentation of existing databases and silos
  • analysis and documentation of missing entries
  • analysis and documentation of inconsistencies and duplicates
  • analysis and documentation of dependencies and redundancies

Correction and harmonisation of databases

  • creation of standards for data quality and processing
  • correction and unification of existing databases
  • imputation of missing values and compensation strategies
  • aggregation and harmonisation of different data sources
  • creation of universal databases “single point of truth”
  • documentations

Data Mining

We transform data into insights and find solutions for operative problems with the help of these services:

Explorative data analyses and reporting

  • qualitative and quantitative data analyses
  • uni- and bi-variate analyses
  • visualisation of complex coherences
  • creation of interactive dashboards and reports

Pattern detection

  • classification
  • pattern detection and isolation
  • sequence pattern mining
  • cluster analyses and segmentation
  • coherence analyses and rule extraction
  • process mining

Anomaly and outlier detection

  • identification of anomalies and extreme values
  • cause identification
  • identification and analysis of bottlenecks

ML and AI Development

We develop customised and data-driven decision making and prediction solutions with the help of these services:

Development of recommendation models

  • development of (automated) models for e.g. risk management, HR, marketing, sales, controlling, etc.

Development of prediction models

  • development of (automated) prediction models (predictive analytics) for e.g. risks, prices, turnover, cancellations, sales, return deliveries, etc.

Development of optimisation models

  • development of (automated) optimisation models for e.g. production, supply chains, process chains, product features, etc.

Data-driven services and business models

We create the basis for data-driven services and business models with the help of these services:

Development of business models and strategies

  • identification of use cases and usage potential
  • implementation of trend and web mining
  • development of value proposition canvas
  • development of product visions and business model canvas

Development of data-driven services

  • execution according to CRISP-DM standard
  • end-to-end implementation
  • deployment as independent cloud service or on-premise
  • deployment of MLOps and maintenance
  • No “black-box”-documentation according to “Explainable AI”

Use Cases Data Science

Do you want to find out how data science can help you? Let us show you.

tisson & company use case

Umsatzsteigerung im Up- und Cross-Selling mit Data Mining

Data Mining | Empfehlungssysteme | Umsatzsteigerung | Assoziationsanalyse

Wie Bestandsdaten zu passgenauen Empfehlungen und höherem Umsatz führen.

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Unterschiedliche Daten auf einem Board

Mit Data Mining Vertragslaufzeiten vorhersagen

Data Mining | Klassifikation | CRM | Prognose

Durch Merkmalsklassifizierung Nutzerverhalten verstehen und präskriptiv handeln

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Tisson & Company - Wer sind meine Kunden?

Wer sind meine Kunden? | Data Mining im CRM

Data Mining | Kundensegmentierung | Versicherung

Mit Data Mining Wissen sichtbar machen.

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