Work Management
Agile companies manage differently

Stay innovative and competitive with an agile mindset and customer-centric project management tools.

Why Work Management?

Work Management provides companies with the necessary tools and methods to enable teams to react transparently, autonomously and to react flexibly to changing goals and problems.

Competition and pressure on innovation are rising.

Value creation models have changed dramatically. The rise in competitive pressure has forced companies to produce innovative products and services - the pace and complexity has increased. Those companies who adapt to changes and its environment the quickest will create a competitive advantage and thrive in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world.

Organizations are changing.

Management’s role, the lack of flexible processes, the cumbersome decision-making processes, the increased customer-centricity, and the need to stay ahead of your competitors has made managing and adapting to change an enormous challenge for organizations. What should organizations do? Embrace the agility journey. Siloed organizational structures are a thing of the past. Client-centricity, pressure to innovate require agile organizations. Mostly cross-functional teams work on projects and campaigns which are focused on customer-centricity.

Innovate Work steers the agile transformation in the right direction.

Innovate Work blends an agile mindset, agile methods and tools for successful transformations. Your organization will become customer-centric capturing growth opportunities and delivering superior customer-journey experiences. Agility fosters higher employee engagement and improves employees’ job satisfaction. Furthermore, employee satisfaction contributes to shareholder value- a win-win situation.

Innovation and agility – the key to success

Organizations are facing unprecedented challenges in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environment. The need to change is inevitable. We help organizations become agile increasing their innovation potential. With our Innovate Work approach we integrate leadership, we transform organizations into innovative product- and service organizations and use technology to improve quality and efficiency. A benefit of Innovate Work is a sizeable reduction in process costs.

Our Services

Achieve organizational agility with the following services:

Promote communication and transparency.

We promote communication in customer-oriented projects and campaigns. Not only do we support our clients with IT tools, we work with them to define management relevant goals and key figures. For example, we use methods such as Balanced Scorecards or Objective and Key results (OKRs) to ensure continuity (or alignment) between strategy and operational implementation. With our approach we generate results and increase project transparency for all stakeholders.

Installation of Governance and Compliance structures

Business organizations need to remain flexible throughout the entire change process and beyond. We therefore highly value adhering to the Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC) principles. We make compliance a priority to protect your reputation and ensure your long-term success. Our clients benefit from our experience and certifications. Tisson & Company is your sparring partner and mentor.

Introduction to self-managing and cross-functional teams

The attitude and motivation of employees and teams are essential prerequisites for agile and successful organizations. Delegation, self-directed employees, personal growth and development play important roles in contributing to this success. Our experience has shown that employee working practices require a framework to adapt during an agile transformation. With the Innovate Work approach we create customer-oriented organizational structures. Employees and teams are held responsible and accountable for customer-oriented services and are empowered to make appropriate decisions aligned with the organization’s strategy.

Introduction to agile project management

Agile approaches were initially introduced in the IT sector. We have adapted and combined the principles of the agile method to modern service management. An analysis of the organization’s service structure is our first step in the agile transformation journey. In collaboration with management, employees, and teams we develop an efficient service structure which cater their needs. As a result, employees or teams take on Service Ownership and responsibility for the customer interface. Our Innovative Work approach promises an innovative and efficient agile transformation.

In-house training for agile controlling

We have had proven success with our in-house training at the Haufe Akademie and Management Circle. Our in depth and up to date knowledge in agile management covers a wide range of topics permitting us to find the right solutions for your organization. We transfer our training expertise to our clients’ with our in-house training, be it in Service Catalogue Management, Service Owner or Agile Controlling. Feel free to contact us. We can design a tailored offer which caters your needs.

Introduction to digital services

We will help you shape your future with the digitalization of internal, external or new services improving efficiency drastically. Your clients could benefit from our innovative and competitive products. Challenge us!

Work Management

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