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Adobe Workfront
The tool for managing an agile organization.

Die Plattform für Enterprise work AIund agiles innovatives Arbeiten.

Why Adobe Workfront?

Value creation models have changed dramatically. The rise in competitive pressure has forced companies to produce innovative products and services - faster and more complex. Those companies who adapt to changes and its environment the quickest will create a competitive advantage and thrive in a VUCA world.


We embrace Workfront as an enterprise work management solution because it offers the right solutions to different needs.


Core is the basic work management platform of Workfront which manages the entire lifecycle of work. Workfront helps internal and external people carry out their work in an optimal and integrated manner. It connects operational work with the organization’s overall strategy and gives employees insights and data to make better decisions.

It is not uncommon that information needs to be integrated across different application platforms. For example, projects and campaigns managed by Workfront may require financial data, invoice date from the ERP system. Today, most systems, including Workfront, enable data exchanges due to open APIs.. Imagine that you no longer need to depend on the (or your) IT team to integrate your application platforms.



A common problem encountered in businesses today is the vertical budgeting of functions, horizontal planning and the execution of projects and campaigns. Thus, making it difficult for strategy development managers to keep track and monitor progress of ongoing projects. One of management’s top wishes is to acquire transparency and align their projects to the organization’s strategic goals.

In Workfront Goals connects strategy, goals and work. It is an integrated Performance-Measurment-System based on OKR (Objectives & Key Results) enabling you to connect your strategy to work execution and deliver results which align with your organization’s goals. Workfront Goals enables management to track on-going progress of their strategic goals

In today’s highly volatile and complex business environment annual management performance figures planning has become a challenge. Organizations need a better way to predict the future to deliver results that meet expectations. Simulation and planning scenarios could help anticipate where the business is heading.

Workfront Scenario Planner is a powerful tool which enables organizations to optimize their portfolio with intelligent resource planning. After having analyzed and compared scenarios, they may seamlessly be transferred to project and campaign templates.

Safe and seamless transitions save time!


Our Workfront services

We are a certified Workfront partner.
We support and guide our clients from the initial POC (Proof of Concept) through implementation to training.
We round it off with maintenance and technical support.

Workfront Implementation

To effectively use Workfront a carefully planned implementation is required. We work together with your project team to map out responsibilities, to support processes and achieve a high level of efficiency.


The Workfront Basic configuration is unique to your organization. It includes options such as corporate design and company logo, mapping of the organization, responsibilities or granting permissions.


Fusion connects your existing application environments with Workfront. In addition to the technical implementation, we gladly support and advise you in how to optimize your processes across systems.

You are using Fusion 1.0 and want to upgrade to Fusion 2.0? We will support you in migrating your “flows” to Fusion 2.0.

Workfront Trainings

We train your teams, leads and all relevant stakeholders involved to master Workfront. We put together custom-tailored training packages which cater your needs

Core Bootcamp

In the Core Bootcamp, Workfront-users will become familiar with Workfront. Bootcamp training is suitable for all users- from beginners to future “champions”. Ongoing presentations, interactive elements, Best Practices, open discussions and Q&A keep us in touch (or up to date) with your use cases. Our first step is to become familiar with your existing configuration and business requirements so that we can custom design the right Bootcamp for your organization.

We offer our workshops as remote or face-to-face training.

Admin Bootcamp

Ready to get started with Workfront? Then Admin Bootcamp is the right product for your administrators. In collaboration with your administrators, we work on the numerous functions of Workfront attaching great importance to the tasks associated with the system administrator’s role. We tap into our expertise from diverse projects to quickly find tailored-built solutions through Best Practices.

We offer our Admin Bootcamp digitally or as face-to-face training.

Workfront Support

Already a Workfront user? Tisson & Company supports you with ongoing maintenance and day-to-day operations.

Baseline Support

Workfront involves a myriad of administrative tasks- from end user support, administrator support, creating and ensuring Governance and Compliance structures to system clean-ups. We work in close cooperation with your administrators and champions to develop a service package which caters your needs and supports you with the implementation, use and/or optimization of Workforce.

You will benefit from our experience. Tisson & Company consultants will ensure that your investment in Workfront pays off.


We provide reliable Help Desk Management - Level 1 or Level 2 support with our Help Desk service. We provide service and support for end-users or administrators and determine the best solution based on the reported issue. We are pleased to carry out the functions of setting up new users, groups, and other objects. We configure interfaces with other systems and clarify content-related and technical questions.

Our Workfront specialists guarantee high quality service on a SLA-Basis so that your organization successfully implements and uses Workfront.

Our Workfront services

With our Proof of Concept packages
we develop a functional Workfront working environment to show (or depict) your use cases.
Ensure Workfront is the perfect fit for your organization and work processes and gain insight into its functionality.

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Best Practice

Benefit from our experience and
gain insights into exciting best practices.
* * *
Live System Demo (remote)

Gain first insights into the system with a demo tour
showing you the most important applications and functions.
* * *
Use Cases (Definition & Configuration)

We transfer your use cases into Workfront
to test whether they are compatible with your business.
1 5
Abbildung Personas

We map a system relevant to your use case from the perspective of your users,
be it team leads, teams, management or agile team member.
2 5

Receive a demo custom-tailored to your system.
* *
Workflow documentation (BPMN
We provide you with Workflow in BPMN 2.0 applicable to your use case.
Roadmap (Roll-out Plan)

We are your partner in creating an initial roadmap
to implement Workfront in your organization.
We provide answers to your questions and gain
insights for follow-up projects.

Use Cases Workfront

Want to know how Workfront can help in practice? We'll show you.

40% reduce process costs

Transparency with Adobe Workfront

tisson & company use case

Konzeption und Implementierung von Request Queues für das Innovationsmanagement

Workfront | Request Queues

Wie Sie mit Request Queues Ordnung und Transparenz schaffen

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tisson & company use case

Zeitplanung eines internen Designteams

Workfront | Projekte | Grundauslastung | Anfragen

Ressourcenplanung im Einklang: Grundauslastung, Projekte, Anfragen

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tisson & company use case

Marketingkampagnen in Workfront

Workfront | Projekte | Marketing

Vom Produkt bis zur Website

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tisson & company use case

Systemanbindung von SalesForce und Workfront

Workfront | Requests | Opportunity-Handling

Request- und Opportunity-Handling zwischen zwei Systemen

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tisson & company use case

„Neue Welt“ versus „Alte Welt“

Workfront | Agile | Projekte | Teams

Wie agile und traditionelle Teams am selben Projekt arbeiten

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